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Tailor-made consultancy
CYBER0 offers multiple consulting services that can help your company to understand security posture, test your defences, prepare for risk-case scenarios, and help you meet security objectives. CYBER0's skilled consultants will work with you to build resilience to real world attacks, and can even manage your security overall if that's what you need
Audit and compliance
Provide consulting support to the customer at his request, in accordance with the jointly defined parameters for the provision of services
Consulting on Demand
Information security risk management process will be implemented in the company using the methodology described in the ISO/IEC 27005 standard
Risk Assessment
Create configuration baselines and best practices for securely configuring systems and IT infrastructure components
Security Benchmarks
Detailed review and verification of configuration settings of IT infrastructure components including systems, network devices & applications
Configuration Review
ISO 27xxx series, GDPR, NIST, CIS - our specialists can help and prepare infrastructure for testing against security standards requirements
A comprehensive assessment of the current level of information security, definition of short-term and long-term goals for the information security, creating a roadmap for achieving these goals
Comprehensive Audit
Implement controls for compliance
ISO/IEC 27001
Certified team members can prepare for successful audits for 27001 and help with processes implementation
Data privacy and GDPR
Our consultants with practical experience in Data Privacy compliance and GDPR projects will help to identify gaps and ensure compliance of your infrastructure
Proven experience with managing and implementing SWIFT CSP controls
Configuration review
Application security controls analysis that provides an in-depth inspection of your applications to identify configuration weaknesses that may reduce their resilience to attack
Your IT infrastructure comprise numerous components such as servers, network devices and middleware and accessed by client devices. Each of these components if configured incorrectly can introduce weaknesses in your security posture
System architecture and network segmentation analysis. Firewall rules and system interconnection assessment
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