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Tailor-made consultancy
Сurrently almost all business processes are supported by information systems and information security risks directly affect the company's business risks. CYBER0 specialists will help to understand the current shortcomings in the information security system and possible risks for the business, explain how to identify and analyze them in a timely manner. Precisely that's why the information security comprehensive (i.e. covering all directions) audit is a very popular service, which allows us to identify shortcomings and take corrective actions on time.
comprehensive security audits
Whether it is the answer to the question - how much the company is protected from external threats or determining areas of divergence IS strategy from business strategy.
As a comprehensive audit can be carried out for different purposes, the composition of the service is modular and always depends on the specific needs of the company
Lack of compliance with the regulatory requirements, technical and process deficiencies in the information security system can lead to the following consequences for the business:
Internal or external fraud
Leakage of information, providing a competitive advantage
Unjustified increase in the services cost
Leak of clients personal data
Our experts will provide the following comprehensive IS audit areas:
Business process analysis
Carried out to determine the company's value chains involved information and technical resources, as well as the divisions of the company. This information will be used to contact the identified risks to information security business risk.
IT infrastructure analysis
Carried out to identify technical vulnerabilities in the architecture of the IT infrastructure, as well as in the configurations of the components of the IT infrastructure, analysis of internal and external fraud potential channels.
Conducting penetration tests
Modeling potential attacks on selected information assets of the company.
Analysis of information security management processes
Carried out either in accordance with the requirements of the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard, or on the basis of an abbreviated list of processes taking into account the best practices of the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard, as well as Cobit and ITIL.
Assessment of information security risks affecting business risks
Analysis of the identified risks impact on the company's business, development of a final report, description of recommendations.
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