CYBER0 Experts have conducted incident response investigations across all industries, organization sizes, and technical environments.

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Tailor-made consultancy
CYBER0 provides deep, expert analysis of incidents. Our experts examine your current environments, determine the root cause of the breach, identify who or what is responsible, and provide recommendations for improvement
How forensic can help?
Build SOC
Case for court
Clear the network
Educate your own team with CYBER0
Investigation by top experts
Detect affected devices
Outsource forensic examination
Correctly collect evidences
Detect malicious code
Examination of evidences collected, data restoring to perform a comprehensive analysis of the incident with timeline structure of actions
Analysis of computers and data
Malware analysis and examination
Malware analysis
We can correctly collect and document digital evidence forms to use as a basis for further investigation
Evidences collection
Identification of points for evidence collection, work together with IT department to extract data for full incident vision
On-site seizure of computer data
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