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Tailor-made consultancy
Our experienced consultants utilise similar tools and techniques to real-world threat actors, meaning we can simulate realistic exploits without harming your systems in any way. Identifying your vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do and plugging any security holes before a person with unlawful intentions finds them.
Penetration Testing Services
Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World
Everything connected to the Internet can be hacked
Everything is being connected to the Internet
Everything else follows from the first two laws
Practical onsite testing to bypass existing access control systems and sensors. Our specialist will try to hiddenly gain access to the most critical locations
Access Controls System Testing
Conducting a full review of your wireless network to help you provide secure communications for workers and guests
Wireless Network Penetration Testing
Full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well a company's people and networks, applications, and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.
Red Teaming
Practical assessment of the current level of security of information systems in relation to threats associated with possible attacks by cybercriminals via the Internet, as well as their internal network
Network Penetration Testing
The collection and streamlining of publicly available information about employees, the preparation and conduct of attacks on employees using social engineering methods are carried out in order to obtain access to sensitive data
Social Engineering
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