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Tailor-made consultancy
As your business and IT infrastructure grows in volume and complexity the new vulnerabilities can appear on a daily basis and must be quickly identified and addressed to avoid leaving critical data and assets exposed.

It's no longer enough to just implement the best technology to proactively identify and prioritize what needs to be fixed. Developing a true vulnerability management program requires time and resources to prioritize what's most critical in the context of your business, remediate vulnerabilities, and establish sustainable processes for working within and across teams.
Vulnerability scanning
You don't need to buy any software, educate your in-house team or control task execution. CYBER0 team will help you to develop your long-term security strategy, channel future security investments and ensure that processes are compliant with the latest security standards.
Scheduling regular scans as well as analysing their outputs can be time and resource-intensive. CYBER0 vulnerability management service enables your in-house team to focus on addressing vulnerabilities rather than discovering them.
Our team of analysts is responsible for the deployment, configuration and ongoing monitoring of your vulnerability scanning solution. We will notify your in-house security team of vulnerabilities and supply the remediation guidance.
We support a broad range of vulnerability scanning technologies and will work with you to create a scanning profile that's best tailored to your organisation's vulnerabilities detection needs.
various scanners
What you will get as a result
List of vulnerabilities
Detailed management and technical reports will be provided
Action plan
Instructions how the vulnerability can be fixed and various plans of risks mitigation
Consulting on demand
Our analysts will be happy to explain details and provide the support during the fixing stage
Types of vulnerabilitites possible to identify
Known vulnerabilities
Weak configuration settings
Out of date software and applications
Denial of service vulnerabilities
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