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Tailor-made consultancy
CYBER0 provides wide range of services to cover software security on different stages of its lifecycle: we can perform testing of working application, help to secure code on early stages of development or even cover the whole process
CYBER0 provides custom tailored testing services including reverse-engineering, protocols security analysis, firmware testing and devices security testing including tokens and payment devices
Testing on Demand
The security of a mobile application consists of the security of three components: the client part, the server part and the communication channel. We make testing using white-, gray- and black-box analysis techniques.
Mobile Application Testing
Vulnerability scanning is carried out using automated scanning tools, as well as manual processing and validation
Vulnerability Scanning
Aimed at analysing the security of web applications in relation to threats associated with possible attacks by cybercriminals via the Internet
Web Application Testing
Step by step implementation of secure development controls, including testing, personnel education and infrastructure security controls
Digital platform components
We propose to progressively implement secure software development lifecycle stages into already existing development processes
We propose to have a comprehensive look at the digital platforms security, considering every element that can affect safety of the Organization, data and it`s users
Digital platform security
STEP BY STEP coverage of development lifecycle
Vulnerabilities can be identified in various Digital Platform components: API, Mobile Applications, WEB Application etc. It is important to realize that security testing should be carefully implemented without interruption of already existing processes
Protection Mechanisms
Features and updates that are directly related to security
New features
New and complex mechanisms in terms of implementation
Improvements and new mechanisms in the API
Sensitive data
Anything that potentially affects the safety or privacy of users
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